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Terms & Conditions

Northern Michigan VR / Mackinac Properties Rental Agreement

Please read your Vacation Rental Agreement carefully before you begin your vacation. Any monies received
by Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals (herein referred to as NMVR) for occupancy of Vacation Property indicated
the acceptance of the terms of our Vacation Rental Agreement in full. All policies are strictly enforced. It is the
responsibility of all guests and members of their party to be familiar with all policies pertaining to rental.

Standard Cancellation Policy

  • Cancellations made within 24 hours of booking: Reservation holder may cancel a reservation without penalty, so long as check in day is not within 48 hours of making reservation.  
  • Cancellations made up to 60 days prior to check-in: Reservation holder is responsible for paying a cancellation fee in the amount of 4% based on the reserved room rate.
  • Cancellations made within 60 days of check-in: The reservation holder is responsible for paying a
    cancellation fee in the amount of 100% based on the reserved room rate.
  • Cancellations made due to COVID-19 within 60 days of check in are subject to pay a cancellation fee in the amount of 100% based on the reserved room rate. These cancellations may include but are not limited to:  positive test, fear of traveling, hospitalization, travel ban, event cancellations. Any covid related cancellations not stated above are generally included in this policy.


Reservation dates may be changed free of charge up to 7 days prior to check-in under the following terms:
1.) If the date change incurs additional cost, Northern Michigan VR will not honor the original reserved rate, as costs vary seasonally.
2.) Reservation can only be modified one time.
3.) Modified reservation check in date must be during the same calendar year as the original dates reserved.

4.) Funds being held for original reservation will not be refunded according to new pay schedule of reservation change. For example, if you have paid $500 for the initial balance due, but according to the NEW pay schedule of your modified reservation you only owe $400, we will not refund the $100 difference. It will be applied to new reservation.  If you have paid more than the total cost of your reservation change, we will refund the difference.

EMERGENCIES/ MAINTENANCE: In the event of a problem getting in the property or if there are problems with
condition or functionality of the property, please immediately contact the Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals office (leave
a voice message and send a text message if there is no answer!) at 906-643-9242. If you are needing assistance after 5 PM,  TEXT 906-451-5438. Calls, texts, messages, etc. AFTER 5 Pm are subject to employee availability, and may not be answered/ assessed until morning. 

If there is an immediate emergency with your rental, follow the following:
Plumbing & Water- shut the water valves OFF, and call - 
If you smell gas- leave the property immediately and call - 1-888-427-1427
A power outage, try flipping the breaker, and then call - (906) 632-2221
Emergency medical assistance, fires, and crimes call - 911

RENTER REQUIREMENTS: For legal and accounting purposes, the person placing the reservation must be the same
as the credit/debit card holder. This person is considered to be the Guest. The Guest understands that NMVR rents to
responsible adults over the age of 21 ONLY. Photo I.D. Required!
DOWN PAYMENT/ PAYMENT: A reservation can be made with a 50% down payment paid by credit card when the
reservation is made. Full payment is charged 60 days prior to scheduled arrival date. If a check (payable to Northern
Michigan Vacation Rentals) or money order is not received by the due date, the balance will be charged to your credit card.
The credit card must have an expiration date that extends beyond your stay. If a reservation is made less than 60 days prior
to arrival, full payment is due when the reservation is made. If the Guest(s) has no credit card, a cash payment can be
arranged. A $35.00 service charge will be incurred for any returned checks.
RESERVATIONS IN ADVANCE: Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals cannot guarantee availability on reservations
units if made 6+ months in advance. If unit of interest or reserve comes unavailable we will provide the booking party with a
range of options which may include but not limited to: Full Refund, Transfer to another unit for the same or similar cost, date
change, etc. Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals reserves the right to cancel your reservation, if under these circumstances
DAMAGE POLICY: Every reservation requires a $45 damage protection policy (“Accidental Rental Damage Protection”)
In lieu of submitting a security deposit, property renters are required to secure property rental with an Accidental Rental
Damage Protection Program that covers unintentional damages to the rental unit interior that occur during your stay, provided
they are disclosed to Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals management prior to your check-out. The Program will pay a
Maximum Benefit of $1,500. Any damages that exceed the Program Maximum Benefit will be charged to the credit card on
file that you provided. If, during your stay at one of our Rental Properties, you and/or one of your traveling party causes any
damage to the real or personal property of the Rental Property as a result of inadvertent acts or omissions, the Insurer will
reimburse the Insured for the cost of repair or replacement of such property up to the Program Maximum Benefit amount,
subject to certain terms and conditions that apply. Full description and details of the Accidental Rental Damage Protection
coverage are contained in the Certificate of Insurance or Insurance Policy. The Accidental Rental Damage Protection must
be purchased at time of reservation. By submitting payment for this Program, you authorize and request the Program
underwriter and their authorized Agent(s) to pay directly to Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals, and not you, any amounts
due and payable under the terms and conditions of the Accidental Rental Damage Protection Program.
As a condition to the rental of all Vacation Properties, Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals reserves the right to charge the
Guest’s credit card for any and all uncovered Guest/Invitee caused losses and damages sustained to the Vacation Property
throughout the duration of their period of occupancy. In the event of any uncovered Guest/Invitee-caused loss or damage to
the Vacation Property, including, but not limited to, undue cleaning, eviction, service calls, service charges, fines/
assessments, repairs or replacements, plus all applicable taxes, Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals is hereby granted the
right to charge the Guest's credit card. An itemized statement outlining all associated costs will be sent via regular or
electronic mail to the address submitted by the Guest at such time as the reservation was booked. By written or electronic
endorsement of this Agreement, the Guest hereby agrees to pay for all such charges, as defined above and on the
proceeding pages.
UPON ARRIVAL: Take a look around the property. If there are concerns or issues with your rental property,
please immediately contact our office (leave a message if there is no answer). No refunds or considerations are given
unless we're notified of problems during your stay.

Check in Time: 4 PM            Check Out Time: 10 AM
If you check-in after 4 PM we cannot guarantee immediate assistance getting into your rental if you have problems. Northern Michigan VR is not responsible for failure to assist tenants getting into the property after 4 PM EST. Northern Michigan VR is not responsible for costs incurred due to the inability to get into the rental after 4 PM EST.

The tenant is responsible for any and all costs incurred due to failure to check out by 10 AM EST. This includes, but is not limited to rush cleaning costs, replacement rental cost incurred for affected parties checking in, and eviction costs.   

FURNISHINGS: We will provide 1 shampoo, conditioner, lotion and toilet paper per bathroom. Paper towel, dish soap
and trash bag(s) can be found in the kitchen. Please make sure to check the website amenities list to see if the towels &
linens are provided, you may have to bring your own! If they are furnished, DO NOT take the property's linens or towels

ARRIVAL & DEPARTURE TIME: Check in is at 4 pm. Check out is at 10 am. In the months of June, July, and August
we WILL NOT grant an early check in or late check out. If you will be staying outside of these months, please contact us
within 3 days of your arrival to make these arrangements. Unless you have specifically arranged for an early arrival time,
please do not arrive at the property before your schedule check in time. Your prompt departure is appreciated so we can
prepare the property for any incoming guests. If you have not arranged for a late check out, you may be charged $35 for each
hour beyond 10 am you are still on property, at a minimum of one hour.

CANCELATION BY MANAGER: Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals holds the right to cancel your reservation for
any reasonable cause that falls under listed terms: Weather related conditions, late winterization without notification,
reservations made against regulations such as maximum guests, length of stay, pet allowance, etc.; Acts of nature, change in
ownership or management, change of availability status due to Long term Transfer, etc.
UNIT FOR SALE: Mackinac Properties and Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals is a full service real estate company.
Often times, we will have select vacation rentals listed for sale. If the unit you have reserved is for sale, and does sell before
your date of arrival we will do our best to transfer you to another unit. If this is not an option, a full refund will be granted, or a
credit to another rental will be applied for any dates desired.
CLEANING FEE(s): A non-refundable cleaning fee is required with all reservations. This fee is for our housekeepers who
dust, vacuum, sanitize, clean linens and towels and remove from the property. Guest(s) are required to follow all check out
procedures detailed in this agreement and leave the property in the same general and good habitable condition it was in
when the Guest(s) arrived. Undue and/or unreasonable cleaning of the property shall be charged to the Guest's/Cardholder's
credit card as an Additional Cleaning Charge at a rate of up to $45/hour, with a one hour minimum. This also applies to the
property exterior, grounds, BBQ's and hot tubs (if so equipped).
SMOKING: Smoking is NOT permitted in any Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals Property. Smoking is allowed outside
( at least 50 ft. away from building) as long as butts and ashes are not left behind. Discard the butts and ashes in the outside
garbage. Do not throw butts on the ground (including the fire ring) or bring them into the property. If there is any smell in the

property after your departure, there will be a minimum $250 charge. Oil lamps and incense are not permitted due to the long-
lasting odor. If these policies are violated, there will be a charge for excessive cleaning.

PLUMBING: Do not put any feminine products in the toilet. Plungers are provided if a clog occurs. Please do not pour
grease down the drain.
SATELLITE TV, INTERNET & PHONE CALLS: All properties are privately owned and have different subscription
packages for cable and/or satellite and internet. NMVR does not guarantee any programs, events or reception. Guest(s) are
liable for ordering any Pay Per View - if Guest(s) does not use their own credit card for ordering, programming charges plus
an additional $5.00 processing fee will be charged to the credit card we have on file.
WOOD STOVE/FIREPLACE: If it is found that any wood is cut from a property, a minimum of $100 will be charged! Do
not put anything except wood or wood products in the wood stove/ fireplace. Do not put any flammable material on or near
any heat source, such as the electric baseboard or wood stove. DO NOT LEAVE VACATION RENTAL WITH A FIRE IN THE
CAMP FIRES: Where applicable, the size of the fire should be small enough that embers are not landing outside the ring.
Wood is not provided and woodcutting around the property is not permitted, so bring your own wood with you. Campfires
must be completely extinguished before going to bed. DO NOT LEAVE CAMP FIRES UNATTENDED!
PETS: Pets are allowed at some properties if the applicable pet fees have been paid. Unauthorized occupancy of pets will
result in immediate eviction and loss of all rents and deposits. If discovery of unauthorized pets is made after your departure,
a penalty of $45/day plus any additional cleaning charges will be assessed. If you are given permission to bring a pet the
following rules must be followed:
1) No pets on any furniture or bedding.
2) Please do your best to remove all pet hair to avoid additional cleaning time/charges.
3) All waste must be picked up and placed in the garbage cans tied securely in trash bags.
4) No pets in the bath tub.
5) Pets should not be left unattended in property unless crated.
6) Guest assumes full responsibility for any damage caused by pet to be charged to credit card on file.
7) Any cleaning outside base cleaning fee will be charged to renter at rate of $45 an hour. no notice is required to charge
credit card.
LEFT ITEMS: Please check carefully for belongings before you leave. Left items can be mailed to you if requested and
you will be charged shipping costs. Pick up may also be arranged at our St. Ignace office. Northern Michigan Vacation
Rentals is not responsible for lost or stolen items.
RIGHT OF ENTRY: Guest(s) agree that Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals reserves the right to enter the rental
property any time to investigate disturbances, check occupancy, check for damage, to make such repairs, alterations or
improvements as we may deem appropriate.
property, you assume responsibility for it and its contents, as well as your personal property. There is a key safe to which you
will be given a code. Children are welcome, but there are conditions in and around the home that may pose hazardous to
them, as well as to adults, such as the river, steep riverbank, open stairways, wildlife, icy surfaces and fireplaces. NMVR
does not assume any responsibility for injuries resulting from your failure to use due caution. Children must be supervised at
all times.
WINTER CONDITIONS: We will attempt to have the driveway and walkways clear of snow before your arrival. A shovel
is provided should you need it during your stay. Please be cautious when there are icy conditions. 4 wheel, or all wheel drive
is recommended in the U.P.
INDEMNIFICATION & HOLD HARMLESS: While Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals and its Property Owners
strive to maintain Vacation Properties in the finest condition, no guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding suitability or
for any particular purpose. All Guest(s) and their invitees use the Vacation Property structures and premises at their own
risk. Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals and its Property Owners shall not be held liable or otherwise responsible in any
way for injury to any Guest and/or their invitees that is caused or permitted to be caused by the intentional or unintentional
acts of said Guest(s) and/or invitees, or by the failure of structures, appliances, (including hot tubs and BBQ's) furnishings,
and/or other equipment, whether by malfunction, misuse, acts of God/nature, and/or are otherwise naturally occurring. No
guarantees are expressed nor implied as to the suitability of utilities and other services provided to the Vacation Properties
and adjacent structures and premises. No guarantees are expressed nor implied regarding the suitability/compatibility of
materials utilized in the construction of the Vacation Property and/or its contents. Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals and
its Property Owners shall not be held liable nor otherwise responsible in any way for allergic reactions to Guest(s) or invitees,
caused or permitted to be caused by materials utilized in the manufacture of the Vacation Property and/or its contents, nor
from mold and/or airborne spores, nor from pet/animal allergens, nor from chemical agents including, but not limited to
appliances, linens, carpeting, utensils, fixtures, hot tubs, and/or other equipment. By written or electronic endorsement of this
Agreement, Guest(s) and invitees hereby agree to forever hold-harmless and indemnify Northern Michigan Vacation
Rentals and its Property Owners from and against all claims, demands, loss, liability/responsibility of any kind and character,
including cost of defense, arising out of or in any way connected with the Guest(s) use of the property.
SEVERABILITY: If any provision of this Agreement or the Application thereof shall, for any reason and to any extent, be
invalid or unenforceable, neither the remainder of this Agreement nor the application of the provision to other persons,
entities or circumstances shall be affected thereby, but instead shall be enforced to the maximum extent permitted by law.