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Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals & Property management is a full-service company. We’ve been managing vacation rentals for over 17 years. Families visiting Northern Michigan come to us first to find their family vacation destination. In 2014, we realized the increasing trend in Vacation Rentals and have decided to make some “B I G” changes to better serve this segment. Mackinac Properties expanded its already successful property management division by developing Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals, investing in cutting edge, industry leading tools and systems, and spending a full year of research and development making sure your rental would get maximum exposure and the best returns.


So if you’re an owner of a second home or investment property and choose us to manage your vacation rental, not only do you have immediate exposure to our large database of repeat customers but you have a company that’s equipped to make you succeed. Here’s a glimpse at just some of the things we offer:


More Bang For Your Buck

Inventory Checklists:

You’ve decided to rent your place, now it’s time to stock it. Don’t worry about the stresses involved of figuring out what to supply it with. We’ll give you a comprehensive list of housewares and linens that you’ll need to supply. Purchasing Services: No time to drive all around shopping for the perfect housewares and linen supplies? We have packages available that we can purchase for you. We’ll have them shipped to your rental, unpacked, washed, inventoried, and staged all for a fee that is typically paid for out of the revenue from your very first rental. This gives you the ability to make your vacation rental available for booking much sooner by eliminating the time you would have spent with this initial set up. We can take care of this set up and stocking burden, which ends up paying for itself!


Depending on the season, your vacation rental can be automatically setup to accept a pre-determined amount of days. Renting during the busy season may require only renting for a minimum period of 7 days, while the off season may require a 2 or 3 night minimum. Vacation Rental Pricing: Our system enables us to price your home differently to adjust for the demand and the seasons. It also is setup to have varying nightly rates for those less than weekly stays (so you’re your charging less for a weeknight stay and more for a weekend stay). Have you ever let your family or friends use your vacation rental? We can build in and price it to allow for a discounted friends and family rate.


Oftentimes, the difference between a profitable vacation rental and a property that loses money is the quality of communication. Communication impacts if a guest makes a reservation, if they refer your business following their stay, and everything in between. That’s why we have an effective lead management system that allows for maximum communication in the sales process, pre-arrival, mid-stay and post departure. We also provide an advanced guest feedback and rating system that will be crucial in the development of the operation and marketability of your vacation rental.

Peace of Mind:

We are licensed to offer and sell several different insurance packages to protect the guests (and you) in case something goes wrong.

Owner Access:

Having your Vacation Rental managed by Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals give you access to your very own control panel. Planning on using your rental for a week? Log in and book an owner reservation. Submit photo’s, manage descriptions, view availability, add down time for maintenance. We make it easy for you to control what’s important to you. Taxes, sigh… No need to sigh anymore. We collect and pay the required Michigan Use tax for “all” reservations under 30 days.

Great Photography:

We believe that this step alone is the most important tool in the marketing process. Our photography stands out, it sets you aside from your competition and it sells your rental! A winning combination of equipment, experience, passion and vision ensures your vacation rental is not being overlooked. Advertising: Your rental will appear on over 120 (yes, hundred) websites in addition to numerous local and regional print publications. We also supply our owners with their very own virtual business card for their vacation rental. So if you would like to have someone see your rental, but not the other rentals in our fleet, you can send them this dedicated link to your property only. We also create and provide a printable flyer that you can have to hand out.

Discounts and Coupons:

We have an advanced system that can accept and create discounts and coupons just for your specific vacation rental in order to maximize occupancy or reward repeat customers.

On-Line Booking:

Guests can book their reservation 24/7 right through our website. As soon as they book, they’re done looking so don’t lose a reservation to someone who wanted to book but later found a different rental on another site in-between the time they discovered yours and waited to contact you to take their deposit.

“Complete Vacations”:

We have developed a system that allows for our guests to add on activities with their reservation. We’ve teamed with some of the area’s leading tourism companies to provide equipment and packages such as guided kayak trips, hiking, biking, boating and fishing to name a few. If someone is planning a “vacation” they need more than just a place to sleep. They need an experience. We are supplying them with a complete vacation, enabling them to arrive and experience Northern Michigan right out of the box.


We employee many companies that offer a range of things, including but not limited to housekeeping, lawn care, plumbing, and basic upkeep. Whether you are 1 mile, or 1000 miles away we are ready and willing to deploy these services unto your property to lessen the stress on you!

The above features are just some of the highlights of what you get when you hire Northern Michigan Vacation Rentals but how does it all get managed? We are a full service and licensed Property Management company. So in addition to our advanced sales and marketing systems, we’ll also arrange for the cleaning between stays, schedule maintenance, pay your recurring expenses, provide and negotiate the rental contracts, handle the Cancellations, provide starter packages for incoming guests and be available 24/7 for those unwanted emergency calls.


With a simple signature, we can turn your home into a revenue generating property. All you have to do is sit back and relax!