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The Upper Peninsula is packed full of activities and outdoor sights to see!

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North Country Trail Hiking


With thousands of acres of forests and woodlands, hiking is a popular pastime in the in the Upper Peninsula. The Hiawatha National Forest is home to several marked trails including the North Country Trail and the Sand Dunes Trails. Wilderness preserves are found nearby at Horseshoe Bay via Foley Creek Campground. Choose your trail, get your boots on and head out.





Bicycling is a familiar activity in and around St. Ignace. Bikes are allowed on nearly all road systems except the I-75 freeway. Several designated bike loops have been developed for day trippers ranging in length from ten miles to forty miles.  Biking is the most popular mode of transportation on car-free Mackinac Island. Visitors to the Island can take their own bicycles on the ferry for a fee or they can opt to rent bicycles – including tandems – at any one of the Island’s many rental outlets.


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All Terrain Vehicles:

The eastern Upper Peninsula has hundreds of miles of trails for ATVs and other off-road seasonal vehicles. Visitors can either trailer their own equipment or rent vehicles from local rental companies.  The Michigan DNR has a website with maps of various trails for you to use.  Click here to access this info!



The Mackinac Straits area features beautiful shorelines, rustic woods and stunning views, where long, warm summer days continue late into the into the evening. Golfing, which often incorporates these stunning features, is a favourite seasonal pastime for visitors and residents alike.





St. Ignace, at the southern-most tip of the Upper Peninsula, is surrounding on three sides by water and connected to the state’s Lower Peninsula by way of the Mackinac Bridge. Five campgrounds, including a state park, are situate within the St. Ignace city limits.






St. Ignace welcomes hunters and sportsmen.  Because of its rich harvesting opportunities during both bow and gun seasons, hunting is a major recreational activity in the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  There are thousands of acres of public lands populated by deer, bear, partridge, turkey, geese, ducks, rabbit, squirrel, and other wild game around St. Ignace. Marshes, coastal flyways, and ponds fill with waterfowl during the seasonal migrations.  St. Ignace knows hunting, and welcomes others who want to create their own hunting experiences with family and friends.  Hunting stories about the big one that got away are second only to the fish tales told by area anglers. Hunters form all over the Midwest gather in the U.P. to celebrate Northern Michigan’s sportsman’s holiday:  the opening day of rifle whitetail deer season.



Bois Blanc Island Wonders     $165 Per Person

Full Day

Spend a day on Bois Blanc Island and discover the cultural and natural history of this remote place. The island features a complex of boreal forest and fen communities that extend from the shoreline to the interior. Several rare and protected species, like the Eastern Massauga rattlesnake and dwarf lake iris are exciting species to see. We will have a unique opportunity to view an island on inland lake, while standing on an island on a lake!  Depart at 7am from Cheyboygan. Includes lunch & ferry pass. Overnight lodging & bike rentals available. Once booked, a tour specialist will contact you to make arrangements.


Les Cheneaux Islands/Drummond Island     $95 Per Person

Half dKayak Half Day Tripsay (4-5hrs)

Beginner to advanced. Our most popular trip. Snacks provided.  We stop on an island for a break and snacks. Trips typically start at 10am and 1pm. Once booked, an tour specialist will contact you to schedule date/time and which location you are interested in.



Les Cheneaux Islands/Drummond Island – History & Ecology     $130 Per Person

PaddleThePastMackinac City Destinations Half Day Trips (4hrs): All trips feature paddling under the Mighty Mackinac Bridge. Routes may include a visit to McGulpin Rock, Fort Michilimackinac State Park, Wawatam Park, shipwrecks, and local flora and fauna. Snacks provided.

St. Ignace Destinations Half Day Trip (4hrs): Tour departs in historic St. Ignace. Includes views of Mackinac Bridge and Wawatam Lighthouse. Route options include circumnavigation of Green Island and exploring its nearby marshes and shoals. Or, take in bridge vista and enjoy snack break at Straits State Park.



Isle Royale Kayak Ecotour


Kayak Isle RoyaleDiscover Michigan’s wild, remote and most notable Lake Superior destination. Experience a place where the natural beauty surrounds and embraces its visitors for an intimate encounter. Learn about the plants and animals that live, thrive, and survive the rigors of island living. Each day kayak the crystal clear near shore waters and underwater rocky shoals. Steeped with numerous trail overlooks and historical destinations, Isle Royale provides endless opportunities for exploring. Wildlife viewing is abundant and astounding. This haven for migratory breeding birds is also a place where natural selection unfolds without human management. More Information